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Key Benefits

  • May help reduce the appearance of pimples and acne breakouts immeditately
  • May help prevent future breakouts by targeting the source of acne deep beneath the skin
  • Takes only 5 minutes per day!

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The entire multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry hasn’t been able to treat male acne successfully. Dr. Akthar has single-handedly created a path-breaking product. He’s pinpointed the root cause of male acne - inflammation caused by testosterone. Yes, men produce 10 times more testosterone than women. Dr. Akthar has developed a most effective and powerful solution to treat male acne at it’s root cause. I recommend Kyoku to all my male patients suffering from acne. No other topical acne product has helped reduce acne, white heads, blackheads and even blemishes as effectively as this one does! My patients have seen some amazingly positive results that are consistently surprising. Before you come see me or any other doctor to treat your acne... I recommend you try this product first. Chances are high you won’t need a doctor because Kyoku will treat your acne successfully.

Dr. Rachita Narsaria,
MD Board Certified Doctor of Internal Medicine

Dr. Rachita Narsaria was materially compensated for her endorsement

"It Flat Out Works – My Confidence Is Back Up!"

Chris A., Chicago, IL

“I have been suffering from cystic hormonal acne on my cheeks and forehead since I was 10. This was socially exasperating as I was going through college and having a face full of acne was always a confidence-breaking thing for me. After trying many products, my skin had become extremely flaky, dry and itchy. Then I stumbled upon “Kyoku’s Advanced Acne Elimination Kit” which turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I noticed a MASSIVE improvement in my skin after just 2 weeks, my pimples were gone for the first time in my life. I'm not sure how it works, but who cares...IT FLAT OUT WORKS!

“The Entire Medical Community Has Been Wrong About What Actually Causes Acne”

This is how acne is really formed in men:

  1. An increase in testosterone levels causes inflammation.
  2. Inflammation causes the body to produce more sebum (oil).
  3. When the body produces more oil... the sebaceous glands get clogged because of excessive production of sebum.
  4. Due to this clogging, the sebaceous glands get infected with bacteria.
  5. The bacteria-infected sebum pushes it’s way to the outer surface of the skin causing acne and breakouts.
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We’ve Helped Thousands of Guys Get Acne Free Skin for Good

"My boyfriend has had acne since high school, since I've known him! Now through college he's tried CerVe, ProActiv, XOUT, Clearasil, Neutrogena, and Murad. None of it worked. It also left his skin DRY so he stopped using treatment all together and it just got worse. Both of us heard about Kyoku from our classmate. And it is the ONLY thing that ever worked for him.

- Cameron C.

My skin first started flaring up since I was 10 years old probably due to some hormonal changes. I was plagued with large pimples on my forehead, chin and tiny whiteheads covering my cheeks. Waking up every morning with whiteheads and blackheads on my face was a very annoying experience for me. After using Kyoku for just 28 days, my pimples were TOTALLY GONE. Best of all, there were absolutely ZERO side effects...thank you Kyoku!

- Milton P

“This is the ONLY product I’ve used for my acne that ACTUALLY WORKED! All those other drugstore or prescription products I used before never got me the clear skin I wanted. After using Kyoku, I saw results in JUST 1 WEEK! My breakouts & acne looked much better and even my girlfriend saw that difference.

- Ledio S

Here is the 3 step system that treats acne fast and furiously


When men break out, their skin swells around the acne site (up to 1,400% more than your average woman!). This blocks access to the deepest layers of the skin... which is where the source of acne-causing inflammation lives. Our system works by first eliminating the excess oil and blocked pores through regular use of a specialized cleanser


Naturally charged Japanese volcanic lava mud complex powerfully opens up the blocked pores, draws out excess oils and eliminates toxins, creating a clear path to the source of acne buried deep beneath the skin.


Now that the pores are open, paten-pending Microparticle anti-inflammatory ingreedients travel deep within the skin to the sebaceous glands... to fight the root cause of inflammation.